Blast furnace tap hole drilling tools

For over 40 years, we have produced tap hole drilling tools for blast furnaces. Ever longer tap holes, smaller bore diameters, harder tap hole clays and shorter stoppage times in state-of-the-art blast furnaces require constant development and improvement of our tools. Through our high-quality products, rapid availability and value for money, we have become one of the leading international providers of tap hole drilling tools.

Our standard drilling tools show high performance in nearly all conditions to open tap holes cleanly, efficiently and in a cost-effective fashion. For extreme conditions, we also manufacture custom-made special tools, tailored to the particular conditions of the tap hole.

Drill bit type „Hoogovens“

Drill bit type „Button“

Drill bit type „Rapid“

Drill bit type „Tungsten B“

Drill bit type „Tungsten T“

Drill bit type „Speed“


Drill rods


Nozzle tips

Soaking bars

Hammer shafts